Hemp has a history

bullet imagebullet imageThe Hemp Archives is a project that has grown from the life work of Craig Lee, and many other activists who had Vision. In collaboration with the University of Kentucky, the Reverence for Life University and the Global Hemp Guild, this site is a portal for useful, and foundational information to support a sustainable, and common-sensed based growth to a rapidly evolving, global phenomenon - the re-emergence of the cannabis plant as agronomic, industrial and medicinal matter. Learn more . . .

Hemp growing 1944

Start Here: Hemp Production Experiments - "Everything you wanted to know about growing hemp, but were afraid to ask" (click link to download pdf) - published by Iowa State College in 1944, this document will give anyone interested in growing hemp a foundational understanding . . .

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wagon wheels

Fiber wars

Fiber Wars: The Extinction of Kentucky Hemp by David P. West, Ph.D. 

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reverence for life

The Reverence for Life University was initiated in the Jamaican prison system in the early 1990s, and has a soul aim of bringing people's awareness to the Breath of Life and The Practice.

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