The Hemp Archives is a product of the Vision of Craig Lee. The purpose is to make available information about the process that has occurred for the re-emergence of hemp as an agricultural, industrial plant/resource after about 80 years of it being listed as a schedule 1 drug, together with "marijuana".

Craig's journey, and involvement with the legalization process, has been captured in a vast array of publications, documents, videos and activities that he had the Vision to archive. This lead him to be part of the creation of the Kentucky Hemp Growers Cooperative Association Museum and Library.

To protect this history, Craig donated the materials to the University of Kentucky library system. This treasure trove of information is sitting in boxes, not really being made available to the world. We are changing this.

The Hemp Archive projects intends to begin digitizing, organizing and making this information available to the entire world. This information is historical, but more importantly instructive as we sit on the precipice of a new world, growing out of the United States legalizing this plant (when it should not have been made so).

Our efforts will require digging into the archives and selecting which materials should be made available first, and then make the entire collection accessible, through this website.

To see the current listing of materials available via request, on-site at Lexington, Kentucky, click here.

To see a tentative, organizational Vision for the larger project, click here.

To see more information about Craig Lee, his Vision and biographical information, click here

To learn about the Hemp Archives, archivist, Dr. Andrew Skadberg, click here.