Craig Lee, and the Hemp Archive Project

Craig Lee has had a long involvement in hemp. Currently a book is being written about his life story. Likely, a better summary of his involvement, and influence over the legalization of hemp in America is captured in these archives. Their diversity, character and nature reveal an amazing breadth and scope. Too much to be captured in words on a page, or in some accumulation of information. However, our interest is to serve an industry, phenomena, paradigm shift that is sorely in need of guidance, and grounding. We will be providing information in a way that we see assists in starting off to bring back this phenomenal plant to the people in an efficient, beneficial and common sense way. As of this writing, August 3, 2019, there is a frenzy occurring around hemp, mainly around CBD as a medicine/food. People are seeing $ signs and running off half cocked. We suggest taking a deep breath, and beginning slowly, and sensibly. Hemp is not like corn and soybeans, and big agri-farming (although this will likely emerge too). It needs to be entered with a level head. That is why we feature, up front, the publication from 1944. As an ex-Extension professor at Texas A&M University, my job was to provide useful information to people as they investigated "new possibilities" for their farms and ranches. Hemp is not new, but it's re-emergence into rural America is. So, our aim here is to accomplish two primary objectives 1) organize this primarily historical based information, to 2) provide guidance for these exciting, and diversified opportunities, as we move into the future.

In a video recently produced by Patagonia, Craig talks about people saying there are 50,000 known uses for hemp. He suggests stepping that back to 25,000 and then acknowledges that CBD is ONE of those uses. That leaves an additional 24,999 other uses to investigate and grow a world changing "industry" around. Another powerful video clip that captures the experience and passion of Craig, is an excerpt from the movie The Hempsters: Plant the Seed (length 3:40 min).

While we are building this archival resource center, we will also be "fleshing out" the life story of the Visionary, and pragmatist, Craig Lee. Because of his amazing "Mission" that he states unequivocally that "my creator made me to do this! I did not just get this 'good idea'. All I am ultimately doing is Sharing my Breath". Because of this, Craig is a founding Trustee of the Reverence for Life University, and holds the Endowed Hemp Chair position. We venture into this exciting time, with Trust and Love, knowing that our Mother Earth, and Loving Father are guiding this entire process, one Conscious, Deep, Appreciative breath at a time.

by Andrew N. Skadberg, Ph.D.
August 3, 2019